Law and Policy Magnet Update

Here is an update on the status of the Law and Public Policy Magnet. It was moved from Shortridge to Tech location last year in order to give the Shortridge building to Gambold HS.


By Myles Sylvester

The Law and Public Policy magnet will start next semester and go into full effect next year. But at the moment they are working on getting books, a classroom, and having a full-fledged program.

The IPS School Board voted last year to move the Law and Public Policy magnet from Shortridge to Tech. Currently there are no students in Law and Public Policy at Tech. Teacher Karen Markman is overseeing the program and recruiting students for fall 2016.

“I think this magnet will draw more students from other schools that don’t offer this magnet and a lot of interest from the students on this campus,” Markman said.

Law and Public policy is offering a street law class starting in January, which is a hands-on experience with lawyers working with the students to give their real-life perspectives. The courtroom, under construction most of this semester, is now complete.

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