Resignation – What Does That Even Mean?

An important narrative that is often overlooked: the teachers. Here a brave soul decides to bare it all.


My name is Andrew Polley. I am in my fifth full year of teaching. I am licensed in English, and am currently employed as a Title 1 ECA Prep teacher at Arsenal Tech High School. My students are the most important thing in the world to me after my wife and children. If you’re reading this, you have to understand that.

Every student that comes into my classroom gets the same speech. #1 – I will never lie to you. #2 – I will never ask you to do anything without a reason. The thinking behind this is that I can’t, as a middle-aged, balding white man, expect them to trust or respect me from the jump. Unlike a lot of people in education, I understand that it doesn’t work that way. I am not owed respect from my students simply because of my position. There are some people in…

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