DFER’s Campaign to Dominate Local School Boards and Launch Charters

‘Today Cosby has become disillusioned with the cause promoted by her original campaign investors: “Cosby has since taken up the role as the board’s main dissenter.”‘
I was interviewed by the American Prospect magazine recently on the campaign contributions that I received in 2012. That article is not yet released in its entirety (still only in print format). However, our blogger friend from Ohio has covered the article, and I suspect that there will be future collaborations between us! Please read and follow Jan Resseger’s coverage of issues affecting public education.


In “Hedging Education,” Justin Miller, for The American Prospect, describes “how hedge funders have over the past decade underwritten a movement to mushroom the number of local school board members who support the rapid expansion of charter schools. “A network of education advocacy groups, heavily backed by hedge fund investors, has turned its political attention to the local level, with aspirations to stock school boards—from Indianapolis and Minneapolis to Denver and Los Angeles—with allies.”

The American Prospect posts its articles a few at a time after their publication in the printed magazine.  When “Hedging Education” is posted online, I’ll insert the hotlink into this post.

It all began in New York City, where, “Whitney Tilson, straight out of Harvard… deferred a consulting job in Boston to become one of Teach for America’s first employees in 1989.  Ten years later, he started his own hedge fund in New York.  Soon…

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