Black lives matter.

Disclaimer:  if the thought of having bold conversations about race issues is a turn-off, then read no further.  If you are sensitive or thin skinned, then this article may not be for you…because my intent is not to be offensive. The Indianapolis community needs to have broad, fearless conversations about race…and in order to figure out where to … Continue reading “Black lives matter.”

Who are IPS’s magnet schools supposed to attract??

As I outlined in my previous post Black Lives Matter, based on data taken directly from the Indiana Department of Education’s website, the IPS district has an overall black enrollment of 50%, a white enrollment of 20%, Hispanic enrollment of 23% (although that is technically not a race, but an ethnicity). However, certain magnet programs … Continue reading “Who are IPS’s magnet schools supposed to attract??”

Segregation Forever? | Teaching Tolerance

Source: Segregation Forever? | Teaching Tolerance Although this article focuses on the southern states, the implications for racially isolated schools and white flight are also seen in Indianapolis.  Gentrification of the inner city creates a predicament – where will the newly arrived children, of higher socioeconomic status and usually white – attend school?  See my … Continue reading “Segregation Forever? | Teaching Tolerance”