About the blogger

Atypical former Indianapolis Public School Board member, unconditional truth teller, seeker and conveyer of wisdom. Tell it like it is, shoot from the hip, can’t afford to waste any more time. Let’s go end educational apartheid and the systems which monetarily benefit.

Please note that Gayle writes only to preserve the remnants of her own sanity, and does not intend to represent the views of any other entity or individual, alive or dead, fictional, fairy-tale, make-believe or otherwise. Namaste.

A resident of the near-eastside of Indianapolis for over thirty years, Gayle Cosby has been connected with Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) in different capacities her entire life. She attended IPS schools from kindergarten through graduation from Arsenal Technical High School (Learning Center/Day Adult Program). Gayle was the first in her family to graduate from college, obtaining two Bachelors degrees, in Sociology and Psychology, from Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis. After working in social services for several years, she began a teaching career with IPS in 2007, and earned a Master’s Degree in Education from Marian University in 2009 and a Ph.D. in Urban Education Studies from IUPUI in 2022.


One thought on “About the blogger

  1. I request permission to reprint the article, ALEC’s Links to IN Education in a free, monthly progressive newspaper, the Lafayette Independent, in Lafayette, IN.
    Thanks for your consideration of this request.
    Roberta Schonemann


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