The Octopus in Indianapolis

In my previous blog post, I attempted to begin unraveling the tangled mess that is neoliberalism.  I thought of a good analogy, the Octopus (well, I thought it was clever) and wanted to follow up with a more detailed explanation of how the Octopus works in Indianapolis.  Then, this article by Darcie Cimarusti, Communications Director for the Network for Public Education, a national organization spearheaded by Diane Ravitch, was printed in the Washington Post.  And it explains what is happening in Indianapolis really well, albeit without my cool Octopus references.

You should definitely go read it, here’s the link: Darcie Cimarusti / Valerie Strauss WAPO 

P.S. The Network for Public Education is having their annual conference in Indianapolis this year.  Click the picture below for the registration link.  I’m told some limited funds are available for anyone unable to afford the full cost.

NPE 18